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The Philosophy and Objectives of FIDEI POLYTECHNIC, GBOKO
Nigerians, it has been observed and ascertained, love short cuts. But Fr. Utov doe not. It is also said of the nation’s citizens that instead of hunting for enduring solutions to our not-too-peculiar ailments, we embrace whatever is touted as the panacea. We crave for quick fixes. But quick fixes give only monetary relief, if the give any at all. Soon, the problem bounces back or the expected solution sires its own problems (WAZIRI ADIO, THURSDAY, Sunday March 18, 2001, back page).
Before he was compelled to open Fidpoly, Fr. Utov applied and received the consent of the Benue state through the Education Commissioner then. Two letters from the Ministry detailed out the required procedures and the need to contact the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE). This was in pursuance of the desire not to establish an illegal institute which could not stand test of time and Government. Thus, it came to pass that after two inspections of the proposed site and physical structures by the Education Ministry’s Teams, and the consultancy services on the NBTE’S directives and visits, the philosophy of Fidpoly devolved as follows:
To produce diplomats, who are able to bend the forces and materials of nature to the good of mankind tomorrow by:- 

(a)           Catering for thousands of displaced Tiv, Idoma and other Benue State Students from the Macabre
          and cleansing campaign against some Middle Belt Ethnic Groups;

(b)           Developing the state in general and Gboko environs educationally;
(c)           Eradicating unemployment and illiteracy in the society;
(d)           Creating an avenue for the less privileged candidates who are not absorbed by the Orthodox
          Government Higher Institutions in line with the Guideline for establishing private polytechnics and 
          monotechnics by the National Board for Technical Education, Kaduna.

(e)          Creating an avenue for distance –education for the working population in the society through the
          Uni-Air (University of the Air)Programmes.

(f)             Encouraging the advancement of learning and to hold to all persons, without distinction of race,
          creed, sex or political convictions, the opportunity of acquiring a higher education in Management
          sciences, arts and Technology;

(g)           Offering to the general public, as a forum of public services, the result of training and research to
          foster the practical application of these results;

(h)           Establishing appropriate relationship with other national institutions involved in training, research
          and development of Technology and Management Sciences;
(i)             Identify technology problems and needs of the society and finding solutions to them within the
          context of overall national development;

(j)             Offering courses of study at certificate, National Diploma (ND). Higher National Diploma (HND)
          and other levels in vocational and Professional education and, other branches of learning with he
          ultimate to better the lot of host and other communities;

(k)           Undertaking any other activities appropriate for a polytechnic of the Highest standard;
(l)             Producing intermediate and higher level manpower for the industrial and technological growth of 


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