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About Us

  FIDEI POLYTECHNIC GBOKO | FIDEI POLYTECHNIC GBOKO - The Philosophy; Vision; Mission; Objectives; Goal
The Philosophy; Vision; Mission; Objectives; Goal

                 The philosophy of Fidei Polytechnic, Gboko is excellence, service and creativity. For behind all
                 technology lie the finest art of creativity geared to the excellent performance to mankind.
                The reason for establishing the polytechnic are:
                 *   To become an effective, efficient and dynamic institution capable of producing
                 graduates with highly employable vocational skills.
                 *   To tap the potentials of the private sector in the area of education.
                 *   To design and develop high quality of educational training programmes that are  
                      responsive to the nation’s cultural, political, social and economic needs and demands.

                *      To provide and maintain high quality and innovational educational programmes.
                *      To train and provide graduate with professional and manpower skills to be self employed.
                *      Global trends and developments in distance learning. (Computer Science).

                *      To produce diplomats who are able to bend the forces and materials of nature to the good
                       of  mankind for today and tomorrow.

                *      To provide opportunity for all, eager to be educated and also to nurture them to find their
                        fitting places in the order of things.

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