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School of Management & Business Studies

  FIDEI POLYTECHNIC GBOKO | Business Administration and Management

Business Administration and Management


List of Courses

BAM111: Introduction to Business I
BAM112: Business Mathematics I
BAM113: Principles of Law I
BAM114: Principles of Economics I
BAM121: Principles of Accounts I
MKT111: Principles of Marketing
PAD111: Elements of Public Admininistration
PUS111: Principles of Purchasing
GNS111: Citizenship Education I
GNS101: Use of English I
BAM126: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BAM211: Principles of Management I
BAM212: Business StatisticsI
BAM213: Office Management
BAM214: Business Law
BAM215: Information TechnologyII
BAM216: Practice Entrepreneurship
BAM217: Research Methods
BAM218: Cost Accounting
BAM202: Communication in English II
GNS214/220: General Biology
BAM311: Practice of Management
BAM312: Organizational Behavior I
BAM313: Quantitative Techniques
BAM314: Human Capital Management I
BAM315: Production Management I
GNS301: Use of English III
ACC312: Financial Management I
GNS332: General Biology
BAM411: Business Policy I
BAM412: Management Economics I
BAM413: Entrepreneurship Development program
BAM414: Industrial Relations
BAM418: Small Business Management
ACC416: Management Account I
GNS401: Communication in English iv



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