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  FIDEI POLYTECHNIC GBOKO | Computer Science/Studies

Computer Science/Studies


List of Courses

COM 112: Introduction to Digital Electronics
COM 111: Introduction to Computers
COM 113: Introduction to Programming
COM 115: Introduction to Computer Application and Packages
STA 111: Descriptive Statistics I
STA 112: Elementary Probability Theory
OTM 112: Technical English I
GNS 101B: Use of Library
GNS 127: Citizenship Education I
EED 126: Introduction to Entrepreneurship Development
MTH 111: Logic and Linear Algebra
MTH 112: Functions and Geometry
COM 114: Introduction to DOS and Windows
COM 116: Workshop Practice I
COM 211: Computer Programming Using OO Basic
COM 212: Introduction to System Programming
COM 213: Commercial Programming using OO COBOL
COM 214: File Organization and Management
COM 215: Computer Application Packages II
COM 216: Computer System Troubleshooting I
COM 200: Industrial Devt. Training and Feasibility Design Seminar
OTM 217: Technical English
COM 219: Research Methodology
BAM 216: Practice of Entrepreneurship Development
CST 231: Introduction to Multimedia System II
COM 227: Workshop Practice II
CST 230: Data Processing System II
COM 311: Operating System I
COM 312: Database Design I
COM 313: Computer Programming using C++
COM 314: Computer Architecture
COM 315: Introduction to Programming
STA 314: Operations Research I
STA 311: Statistical Theory I
OTM 315: Business Communication I
COM 412: Computer Programming (OO PASCAL)
COM 413: Project Management
COM 414: Compiler Construction
COM 415: Data Communication and Networks
COM 416: Multimedia Systems
STA 411: Operations Research II
COM 419: Research Methodology
COM 417: Seminar



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